NATIVE 180 / 200mm PITBULL PRO Front Tire Kit for 1994-2013


NATIVE 180 / 200mm PITBULL PRO Front Tire Kit for 1994-2013


This is the ORIGINAL fat front tire kit for 1994-2013 HD touring models! We call it our PRO kit because it is the most comprehensive wide front tire kit we offer. Our Pitbull PRO wide front tire kit allows you to run a 180 or 200mm wide tire up FRONT and compliments a 180 or 200mm rear tire perfectly. 

Now you can put a 180 or 200mm wide tire on the front of your bagger and experience an extremely smooth ride, awesome handling and retain your full touring ability. Your bike will feel very nimble and the steering is NOT the least bit heavy. (that's the most common question we get) Its all COMPLETELY BOLT-ON so you won't have to cut your frame to look cool! This kit fits Road Glides, Road Kings and all batwing fairing models like Street Glides and Ultra Classics. Your fairing or nacelle will bolt up to your new Native trees just like it did to the stock trees. 

The PRO kit listed here fits up to 2013 HD touring models. Our 180mm EASY wide tire kits for 1984-2013 HD touring models and 180mm kits for 2014 and later touring models are also available now. Please check out those listings on this website and then call our shop if you need additional info or if you'd like to order. 269-276-9200. 

The standard base price 180/200mm PRO kit includes:

- Super strong STOCK RAKE raw finish triple trees that increase the distance between your fork tubes yet the overall width of the trees is the same as stock.
(chrome or black anodized lower tree available as an option)
- Native's stamped and laser cut STEEL wrap fender comes standard or STEEL FL style fenders available as an option.
- Special raw finish slider covers with chrome or gloss black powder-coat available as an option. 
- Special width raw finish tapered axle spacers with chrome or black available as an option. These will hide your wheel bearings!
- Special width raw finish fender spacers with chrome or gloss black available as an option. 
- Special width axle for stock HD, Arlen Ness, HHI or Performance Machine fork legs. (Flush axle w chrome or black ends for stock legs. Hidden axle for other legs)
- Brake rotor spacers for single or dual disc applications. (Longer chrome rotor bolts included) -or- special spacers for ABS applications

***The base price of $1895 is for a raw kit w a wrap fender. See the menus below to upgrade to chrome or black components or to a steel FL style fender. You can mix and match chrome or black finishes on the different parts. See menus below for option choices.


We urge you to choose a Performance Machine, Xtreme Machine or Roland Sands wheel. They are all made by PM and we feel they are the HIGHEST quality wheel available, they come with a LIFETIME CHROME WARRANTY and we can offer you a VERY good discount on their wheels and brakes so let us know if you like any of those. You can view their selections at the websites below. If you have HD Enforcer or Agitator wheels on your bike we can supply a new front wheel to match as well. Call for details.

Other wheel manufacturers we like to deal with are:

Colorado Customs - We can offer you their 18x5.5” chrome, all black or contrast cut wheels for $999.00

If you want a spoke wheel check out Ride Wright wheels at:

We can also offer you chrome or gloss black smoothie wheels for $850. 

If you find a wheel you like from another manufacturer we can usually offer you a 10% discount on those. 

Our kit and all the wheels we recommended above are MADE IN THE USA!

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